Miranda Beauty PRO is a clean, biotin-infused nail polish. How did the company begin? I grew up in Venezuela, where I worked distributing nail polish and other beauty products. So when I moved to Boston to create a safe and secure life for me and my children and saw that no retailers offered clean, high-quality nail polish, I knew what kind of business I wanted to create: a nail polish brand that was both professional and sustainable. Choosing the name was easy; Miranda is my daughter's name, and in the market study we did, it was accepted by both English and Spanish speakers. That's how Miranda Beauty PRO was born.

Shortly after starting the company, an investor helped me launch the product you see today, produced by our laboratory in New Jersey. Miranda Beauty PRO is a special project that ideally appeals to all kinds of people who like to take care of themselves, as Miranda celebrates the nature of femineity by naming each color after a different flower. Today, my goal is to make Miranda Beauty PRO as accessible as possible, so that people everywhere can use clean, stylish nail-polish. I hope this product guide will encourage you to partner with me.

– Virginia